Consulting Engineer

Telecommute · London, United Kingdom


In the Consulting Engineer role you will directly contribute to the product, be responsible for feature releases and be part of product discussions. The key difference from a core engineer being that a consulting engineer is client-facing.

As a Consulting Engineer you will play a vital part of the pre and post-sales process, providing the technical expertise to help potential customers understand how they can use Tyk to meet their API management needs.

You will take part in calls and meetings to discuss requirements, answer questions and provide recommendations. For complex scenarios, it may be necessary to propose a solution or create a proof of concept to satisfactorily demonstrate that the requirements can be met.

Some opportunities may be in conjunction with partners, which will require you to work with them to integrate Tyk into an overall solution.

Beyond this, you will work with other Consulting Engineers to enhance the assets available to support the discipline, as well as contribute to the product and supporting documentation.


As part of the role, you can expect to be doing most (if not all) of the following:


This role has a flexible location. Tyk has offices in London and Singapore, as well as employees working remotely all over the world. The role may occasionally require you to travel for meetings, onboarding sessions, conferences and company-wide get-togethers. When working remotely, it is important to have a reliable and performant internet connection which will enable you to take part in video conferencing.


Our Ideal Candidate



These are the common technologies used at Tyk (but you are not required to be an expert in any of them – at Tyk we will make sure that you learn the key skills you need where there are gaps!):


Our early stage team members will shape our business, there is an attractive package based on experience and performance that includes equity. Everyone has unlimited holiday.

You will work with a talented, and passionate team of industry experts, developing a cutting-edge product that is driving change and innovation within startups and household names alike.

We’re a distributed team. Work from our London office during induction, once you are up to speed, you can work from home, a cafe, your mum’s house, wherever you get your best work done, we’ll support you in making that happen.

The best software and hardware available – we are prime movers in “The New Stack”, our setup reflects that.

We are growing rapidly and are looking for team members keen to grab hold, accelerate that further and shape our future.

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